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One to One Course Via Video-link

One to One Course Via Video-link

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We believe that live training delivers the best results because it enables interactivity. However, with modern technology that training can be delivered at anytime to anywhere using video-link and screen sharing technology.

Being a one to one course, some aspects can be tailored to your needs and questions specific to your itinerary can be answered by your instructor. 

The course contains 8 hours of teaching which can be delivered in a way that suits you. Want to do it in a one day intensive? No problem. Want to do it in 8 1 hour lessons that fit around your timetable? Great. Want some combination in between? Whatever works for you!? 

If you have a concerned parent or friend then they can sit in too.

The one to one courses contain all the information you need to feel confident when traveling in both urban and wild settings. 

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All reference materials are provided within the course price.