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With ever more young people taking the opportunity to explore the world and gain valuable experiences overseas, it is more important than ever for schools and universities to play their part in providing students with the skills they need to keep them safe an healthy.

The skills and knowledge required to ensure an extended stay overseas is a positive experience have a lifelong applications that extend to many other areas of life beyond travel. Urban safety skills have just as much relevance for students moving to new cities for college or university as they do for backpackers encountering an unfamiliar metropolis for the first time. 


For institutions that include periods of work or study abroad as part of their curriculum, it is imperative to give students the knowledge and practical skills they need to stay safe and make the best of their time abroad. Providing students with such skills can complement any external safeguards or processes put in place to assist students in trouble overseas. In fact, equipping students to avoid dangers in the first place is a much more effective way to discharge duty of care responsibilities. 

Our courses are both broad and in depth and can extend to detailed workshops focused on specific destinations on a students itinerary. At the end of our Travel Safety Course students will be better able to assess risks, reduce their likelihood of becoming a victim of crime, avoid common causes of illness, avoid dangerous situations before they arise and have the skills needed to extract themselves from dangerous situations if the worst came to the worst. 



Particularly for schools whose eldest students may be considering a gap year before college or university, the skills we teach are greatly appreciated by both students and parents.

Students enjoy our courses which are rich in real life scenarios, contemporary issues and are delivered in a highly engaging manner by very widely traveled instructors. The skills we teach also have broader life application and help students feel more 'street wise' and confident.

For parents, who will inevitably worry about their children when they are away, there is considerable comfort in knowing that their son or daughter has been equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to make good, sensible decisions.

Many aspects of the learning may be considered common sense, but by using real life examples of troubles and dangers suffered by other travelers, students leave able to demonstrate specific examples of how the training has changed their approach and response to different situations. Parents will see a demonstrable gain in their son or daughter's confidence and ability to make decisions that will keep them safe. This in turn provides parents with substantial comfort and much less worry. 



Even when going about daily life at home, we can be faced with many of the situations that we try to protect ourselves against when traveling. Scams, theft and acts of violence against our person can happen anywhere. Equipping students to avoid and deal with such issues is clearly part of any institutions obligations in the context of pastoral care. 

Because our Travel Safety Courses cover all these threats and how to avoid them, they are extremely useful in equipping students with the necessary life skills to stay safe anywhere in the world; even at home.



We are able to deliver our highly engaging one day course for any number of students and are also able to design a tailored course to fit specific requirements that you may have. 

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