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Meet Our Founder

International Travel Safety is focused on training people for travel to non-hostile environments. We make sure you have the skills necessary to stay healthy and safe when traveling to places as part of a Gap Year, extended vacation, an overseas study period or even for work. We are passionate about helping our clients to make the best of their travels by giving them the skills and confidence to enjoy their time away whilst staying safe.

We deliver all our training through instructor led learning so you are always with a highly experienced traveler who can answer your questions throughout the course. 

We regularly schedule courses in major cities throughout the year and also provide one to one courses via video conferencing so that we can fit the training into your schedule. We also provide group training via High Schools, Colleges and companies.

Founded on years of family travel experience

 David Cox has taken his family to over 70 countries

International Travel Safety was founded by David Cox who is an avid traveler. David was born in the United Kingdom and has lived in 9 countries on 4 continents. He presently lives in Mallorca, Spain. David has traveled to over 100 countries and taken his young family to over 60 so he knows how to stay safe on the road. 

It was whilst living with his family on the (in)famous Full Moon Party island of Koh Phangan in Southern Thailand that David decided to establish International Travel Safety. Every month the island was inundated with young travelers hoping to have the experience of a lifetime. However, all too often David saw the consequences of their simple mistakes and bad decisions that turned their dream vacation into a nightmare. Illness, accidents and other incidents were almost always preventable with the right skills and strategies. In establishing International Travel Safety David aims to share the necessary skills with as many travelers as possible.

David's own travels have taken him to almost every country that you are likely to visit on a gap year or extended vacation and he has done so over many years without incident. The skills he uses are those that are taught in this course. 

 In addition David has spent time in highly challenging and hostile environments where his skills have been honed and tested. Over the years David has survived a kidnapping, a small aircraft crash, a crocodile attack and being caught in the middle of riots and civil unrest. He survived all these incidents unscathed by remaining calm and making good decisions. These tests in extreme environments show how the right skills and right decisions can keep you safe. 

David spends a lot of time delivering talks about his adventures, but also running many of our courses around the world so you are likely to see him on the course you attend.