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Around half a billion leisure tourists and a similar number of business travelers take oversees trips every year. The vast majority of them have no trouble at all. You are highly unlikely to suffer anything worse than a bit of travelers sickness or some minor inconvenience, even when on an extended trip abroad. However, for those people caught up in the small percentage of trips where something does go wrong, the consequences can be calamitous.  

Whilst travel is generally safe to most destinations, the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. This means that acts of terrorism, extreme weather or even crime can occur in places where they were previously almost unheard of. Its also the case that more and more people are taking extended trips overseas. Combining these two factors means that there are more inexperienced travelers out there in an increasingly unpredictable world. 

Despite the serious consequences of becoming ill abroad, suffering theft of your personal belongings, being caught in a natural disaster or political unrest or even suffering acts of violence against you, these situations are nearly always avoidable with some simple skills, strategies and tactics. 

From personal experience of seeing many young people enjoying their gap years or extended vacations in places like South East Asia and South America we have seen that it is almost always poor decision making or a lack of experience that  leads to the sort of events that can ruin a trip or worse. It is hardly surprising that people who have never dealt with these environments or cultures find it difficult to know what the right decision is when faced with a challenging situation. However, the right decision is often remarkably simple and with just a little bit of training and good advice people can develop the confidence they need to trust their instincts and take actions that keep them safe and healthy. 

Considering how easy it is to get the skills you need to travel safely and the highly serious consequences of having something go wrong when overseas, it makes absolute sense to invest a little time and money in equipping ones self; especially in an ever less predictable world.